super future 薔薇の生体水を発表

maison  koichiro kimuraの新ブランド super future から、2024 new  collection 「薔薇の生体水」を発表致します。







Super Future Rose Bio-Water Launched

Maison Koichiro Kimura's new brand Super Future is pleased to announce its 2024 new collection, "Rose Bio-Water."

Rose Bio-Water

This is the ultimate bio-water made by extracting only the rose components of 1,000 petals of the Damask rose, which is said to be the most gorgeous and beautiful in the world, grown without pesticides.

Roses are beautiful because they have a supple and strong power that delicately delivers their components to every corner. This Damask rose, which is also grown as a high-quality food, can be applied to the skin and used for skin care to beautifully promote cell turnover, and can be eaten or drunk to feel the calm and relaxation of a queen.